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. Spotify describes the genre as "solo laptop experimentalists" -- and it's everything you'd expect it to be.

Whether it was a man in a dog mask prowling New York City for Daft Punk’s “Da Funk”, Darude’s impossibly epic video for “Sandstorm”, or the alternate gabba fantasy of Dune’s “Hardcore Vibes”, the ’90s certainly stamped their style in the art of the.

When people wore New Balance and scrunchies were a thing.

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From the crazy prog concept albums of the 70s, to the aggressive post-punk groups of the 80s, to the alt-rock oddballs of the 90s, rock music has. If you tried hard enough, you could trace the resurgence of “steampunk” back to this video. .

“I thought it was going to be a lot of fun and I was. ago.

VR music videos from the '90s were amazing.

From Daft Punk to Darude, the ’90s had their music videos on lock.

Of course, we’re sure you’ll tell us where we went wrong in the comments. Hell, they still do it today, only the videos aren’t as awkward now as they were then, and music videos were a.

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If we’re keeping it real, these.
If you thought “Wrecking Ball” was bad, you haven’t seen these videos.