What it looked like: City hall ceremony and dinner for 10, followed by a casual, afternoon reception at home, featuring drinks, cupcakes, and a light buffet for 60 the next day.

Venue/Officiant: $150 for a thirty minute slot at City Hall for you and up to six guests, officiant included.

The dollars can add up quickly when hosting 200 guests. .

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. . For instance, spending $30k on a 200 person wedding seems like more value than spending $10k on a 20 person wedding.

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Look through your text messages and calls, and only invite those you’ve spoken to. Also my venue is pretty large, it can sit 200! Its such a beautiful venue, the large glass windows are of the bay, beautiful sunset dinner. 5K likes, 768 loves, 2.

May 19, 2014 · Once we threw in the incidentals — the official’s fee of $150, the invitations I found at an online press for $275, the $40 guestbook, the $30 marriage license, and the quirky $70 cake-toppers. You can expect to spend more if you have your wedding in a state like California or New York, and less if you have your wedding in a state like Texas or Florida.


Venue & Accommodation.

Catering (price per person) - $71. 5K likes, 768 loves, 2.

The Calculation: Total Budget: $30,000 x 0. It’s still not cheap because it’s at a pricier place.

We saved money by doing family-style service, and going with a hall that lets us bring in our own caterer and bartenders.
A small wedding is only so if the guest list is as small as possible.
Flowers: $100 for one bouquet and one boutonnière.

According to Bridal Guide, the most ubiquitous flower of the 1960s was the daisy.

Venue & Accommodation.

. It's changing my whole idea of what will happen. Pish Posh! You can do just as good, without the crazy price tag.

It's worth noting that the average size of a wedding and average guest list varies greatly by generation. Mar 11, 2014 · 250-280 people guest list. . . May 11, 2023 · Zambia | 70K views, 3. Feb 28, 2023 · Strategically Plan Your Guest List.

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Most weddings with 150 guests cost between $28,000 and $38,000, but this will vary depending on the state you are in.

Example of catering is 80 per person and you invite 200 guests that's 16k on food alone.

Weddings with a "midsize" guest list will soon be the standard in Ireland.

An ideal layout is easy to understand, spacious, and thoughtful - from the moment guests enter, to the bar, dance floor, dining, and restrooms.

Our guest list is huge! We've already brought it down from over 300, down to about 275 right now.